PS Resources, has been in friction materials industry working with local engineers and overseas professionals over 2 decades in China.                                                                        

Vision: Emerging technology and service company which launched the first smallest and fastest "8 in 1 brake pad machining centre" at 2017 in China also, integrated new sourcing  info for automotive manufacturing enterprises worldwide. The company is committed to using cutting-edge technology to create "high-performance", "Stable", "smart" and earth friendly equipment, to promote the development process of intelligent machining technology by sticking to the business philosophy of "surviving with quality, developing with innovation".  

Mission: Providing unmaned workshops allow intelligent equipment will be the major work force taking delicate, boring and dangerous jobs, replacing human workers.                                                                        
    Contact:    PS Resources Ltd. (Hong Kong)                                                                    
    Unit A. 1/F., Kee Shing Centre, 74-76 Kimberley Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, SAR China                                                                    
    (852)3692 5196                                                                    
    PS Resources Ltd. ( Zhuhai, China)                                                                    
    3/F., QiHeng Logistics Bldg., #48~3 Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, Zhuhai, Guangdong, P. R. China.                                                                    
No one ever suceeds alone, but, good quality equipment can bring you and your business does. We'd like to take this space to acknowledge and thank all those perople who came together as an amazing team to bring it to career.                                                                        
Robert Shemin, leading us to the way of success, with a right niche and marketing.                                                                        
Paul Chan, our team leader who enthusiasm for the project and creativity in bringing it to real.                                                                        
Howard Luke, factory manager, amazing talents and insights every step made, his professionalism, encourgement, and enthusiasm, make this project a joy.                                                                        
James Wang, engineer, assembly of data and patient attention to details as well as checking and double-checking all facts, his keen quality control mind and professional skill have greatly contributed to the project final polish.                                                                        
We wish to thank the talented team and all folks at office and workshops whose worked so hard for this project.