8 in 1 Brake Equipment

Service Range: From 50 ~ 255 mm Width

Grooving: Servo Motor allows both side and straight Grooving.

PLC Controller

Laser Beam: 100% surface scanning avoid bad appearance

8 in 1 Combo


Probably the world fastest brake pads machining centre.


Basic Parametre



Masterpiece Series

Octopus X (8 in 1)


Mighty. Small.


Power that’s anything but compact


Octopus X is powered by an upgraded design top-class architecture that can handle even your most demanding workload. Whether you’re grinding surface, grooving, chamfering, QC or both, your experience will be smooth and seamless.


Two amazing “Quality Control” functions


The laser beam and Ultrasonic wave in Octopus X delivers advanced optical scanning externally to ensure the surface balancing, an improved Ultrasonic wave generates a deeper detection internally to certify inner defecting and a PSR designed program you can make your production within our favorite participating software quickly, convenient.



Speed 3 seconds per pc


Completion Date: 01/05/2017



1、6 steps in straight line

2、Average 3’s per piece;

3、Equipped with Latest Laser Beam Scanning System, Ultrasonic Sound Wave Detection and Senor for total quality control;

4、Now ready to sell.






Brake Pad Size Range – 50 ~ 255mm

Performance – 3‘s per piece

Grooving – Straight and Side available

Online QC – Laser Beam and Ultrasonic Wave

The most attractive point of this machine is precision and performance. Machine is fully controlled by PLC and CNC to enhance accuracy ratio on each piece. Most unique function is speed, less than 3’s per piece currently, it is the fastest mass production equipment world record.


Octopus X applied with 1 power drive motor, 2 grinding motors and 2 servo motors at 7.5kw, the 2 servo motors are specially for side grooving. Meantime, it creates a force and accuracy for side grooving.





Octopus X is extremely differing to any machines, it used all in one concept, which combined with lots of elements at once. In our point of view, “Octopus”, we can treat it as a compact integration, the total length 4.5M only; the compact body allows shorten production time.


Beside the unique appearance, Octopus applied with several advance online quality control including laser beam, ultrasonic wave and etc.…


Length: 4.7M

Width: 1.2M.


A laser and Ultrasonic senor installed at the rear end of the production line as final quality inspection on both outer appearance & Balancing; inner detection.

 Laser Beam detector is used Omron latest balancing laser beam to scan across entire surface to ensure a tolerance within 0.01 ~0.03mm.

 Special PLC tailor made for this production line to enhance accuracy and speed regularly.



Pre-programmed all sizes and dimensions systematically, simply just press the code you need and enter quantity, insert all pads and press “start” button, the production line will be completely done the entire process automatically.



Entire frame made of Stainless Steel JIS304, high strength resistance welding。


Grinding System

Rough and Fine Grinder Head in straight line format this is to allow grinding at the same level and line at once.



Octopus X pre-installed a unique PLC especially designed for brake pad manufacturing. 


Dust Recycle System

A unique “Whirl” designed cover allows the “Whirl” sucked down all dusts and powder into recycle bin for reuse. “Create Vortex” is the proper term for any whirl that has a downdraft.



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