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Clutch Facing Weaving Machine

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Clutch Facing Weaving Machine




Thank you for your selection of our company equipment, hereunder, some guide lines for safety use of the equipment.

* Before you use this machine, the operator should read the instructions of the machine carefully before operating the machine.

* Any part of the body of the operator during operation of the equipment shall not touch the operating part of the machine to achieve the purpose of safe production.

* Equipment repair or replacement parts, the power should be cut off to prevent the motor suddenly running caused by the accident, and hung on the maintenance work to ensure the safety of express card.



1 Use and performance characteristics

2 Main technical references

3 Outline structure and working principle

Shape structure

Working principle

4 Transportation installations and commissioning

5 Equipment maintenance and maintenance

6 Common security and exclusion methods

7 Accessories: automatic wire Weaving machine operation instructions

8 Vulnerable parts list


Figure 9


1. Use and performance characteristics

Special machine tool for embryo processing. The machine ensures clutch friction Chip level, can be fully automatic (there is no copper copper) said the line - to send Wire Weaving operation at the same time.

There are 2 weighing and 2 wire feeding systems inside the line machine.

Automatic Weaving - automatic out of the film - automatic counting, a large number of daily output.

Film: Phi 230--430MM of about 600, is small:

With 100 - 160MM about 1600

* Check before the operation automatic line switch machine, confirm whether the normal weighing machine must be in balance, said first line, and then open the Weaving speed switch, set the weight and 1 Patch


2. Main technical reference

2.1 Motor: 2.2KW stepless speed change 1 sets

2.2 Largest Operating Diameter: The largest diameter allows weaving:
Dmax= is 430MM;
Dmin= 160MM; the inner diameter of the Weaving
2.3 Smallest Operating Diametre: The smallest Diametre allows weaving
Dmax= 350MM; Weaving outer diameter:
Dmin= 110MM; the inner diameter of the Weaving

2.4 Pattern Valve Number (optional one): 5.318, 5.29

2.5 Compressed air pressure: Range around 0.5-0.6, Blockbuster 0.6-0.8

2.6 Allow line width 15MM "B

2.7 Allow line width 6MM "D


3. Outline structure and working principle

Shape structure

This machine is composed of machine body, regulating mechanism, transmission mechanism, transmission, disk size, touch screen etc.. (1 optional disk size)

Working principle

The materials from the inlet pipe, according to the setting weight began to call line, and then enter the tube, large (small) vertebral disk rotation processing, plate compaction, Weaving end, plate release, automatic blanking.


4. transportation installation and commissioning

4.1 Users do not have a clear requirement; the device does not do the packaging, only to provide convenient loading.

4.2 Lifting transport equipment, must prevent the tilt and turn to avoid severe vibration and impact, and to prevent the destruction of parts.

4.3 Equipment installed on flat concrete ground, adjusts the water level regulation device, with anchor bolt and the ground is fastened to prevent vibration when the machine is running.

4.4 When installing the equipment, the dust extraction system should be installed at the same time, electrical parts must be grounded reliably. In normal condition, lubricating oil (or grease). After the confirmation is in normal condition, make the system air to turn 10 minutes to adjust whether flexible, to confirm the location. After running normally, the sample can be wound.

4.5 Start button, the disk and the pressure plate synchronous operation.


5. Equipment Maintenance

5.1 Operators to master the operating skills of equipment, and strict

case according to the rules of operation.

5.2 Before each shift to work, should check whether the parts of the machine is in good condition, everything is in the normal status before start up.

5.3 Each shift ended should be removed all dust and keep cleaning from the machine.

5.4 The lower friction wheel of the sliding seat attention to each class note 20# Oil 1 time.

5.5 Speed reducer within the first 3 months for 1 time, after more once every six months, the lubricating oil is changed in the drive shaft.

5.6 The slider should always come on.


6. Weaving Machine Maintenance

6.1 The blade is replaced every 30 working days to guarantee service quality

6.2 Press wheel 12 - 9 months to replace 1 times

6.3 The active wheel is replaced 1 times in 12---15 months.

6.4 Inlet line replacement every 6 months.


7. Troubles Shooting

7.1 Wire feeding pipe of the screw rod block wear, replacement of fixed wire

block bar panel can be excluded.

7.2 Disc shaft keyway gear, shaft keyway and keyway shaft keyway sleeve coupling, easy to wear, such as wear to open a slot can be ruled out.