XYS-75 Type Brake friction Dyno Simulator


1. Samples of XYS-75 type brake friction testing machine by test bench, industrial control computer control DAC (Data Acquisition & Controlling) system and AC motor drive system, hydraulic brake servo control (Servo Control) system, cooling and dust removal system, and include the necessary computer control, record and test report generation software.


2. XYS-75 Type Brake friction Dyno Simulator has the following basic functions:

2.1 Constant torque test function;

2.2 Constant pressure test function;

2.3 Comprehensive computer control, testing, printing curves and reports;


3. Perform the following representative test standards:

P-VW3211, P-VW3212, ECE-R90 constant torque test, ECE-R90 constant pressure test;

Test standard set by Excel, the software automatically read into the test program, can be tested in accordance with a variety of complex standards;


4. Main Technical Parameters:

4.1 Part: slide brake disc / drum diameter (max) 400 mm;

Maximum axial load moment: 1085N.m

4.2 Cooling system air volume and pressure: air intake: 10m3/min, 1KPa; air volume: 11.5 m3/min, 2KPa

4.3 Cooling system temperature: less than 25 degrees temperature ventilation

4.4 Power AC 380V three-phase; 80KVA

4.4 Dimensions:

Host: 2500 x 1000 x mm (L/W/H) weight: about 3500 kg ();

Control cabinet: independent control cabinet, through a network cable and computer communication.


5. Measurement Accuracy:

5.1 Spindle Speed: no load: 660 + 10 rev / min; full load: not less than 600 rpm / min

5.2 Allowable Torque: continuous grinding 1085 N.m @ 660 r/min

5.3 Brake Line Pressure: Oil hydraulic servo 0~8MPa;

Rising rate 100KPa/s ~ 8MPa/s (excluding brake characteristics)

5.4 Temperature Measuring Range: 0~900 degrees C; measurement error: less than 2 degrees C


6. Major Components:

6.1 Main motor: SIEMENS three-phase AC motor; 380V/50Hz, 75KW;

6.2 The main electrical components (Ethernet controller; computer and equipment only one cable connection; the maximum distance of 100 meters;

6.3 Oil servo valve: the United States EATON KBS-2 series digital servo valve

6.4 Temperature sensor: K type thermocouple (2 channel optional)

6.5 Computer system: the mainstream high computer (Windows 7 operating system, widescreen LCD display)


 Dynamometre Simulator Diagramme

Brake Friction Dyno Simulator




                         Dynamometre Simulator Testing Chamber