XYC-A-Type CHASE Test Machine

 1. Overview

XYC-A type friction material (CHASE) testing machine, is used to measure the performance of special friction material friction test equipment. Applied to friction materials have inertia test bench or vehicle performance testing prior to friction, or the new friction material formulations were screened; also be used for quality control of the production process to ensure that different production batches of the same formula product quality consistency.

XYC-A friction material testing machine, refer to the United States CHASE LINK's model to improve the design, use of pneumatic servo system load, load control and high precision; friction drum heating rate is adjustable to suit different requirements and different climatic test conditions: 0 ~ 1000rpm spindle speed in between can be freely set, the maximum pressure load up to 2000N, except the executable SAE J661 standards, but also enough leeway to implement ISO7881 standards.

The testing machine with computer control, the user can follow the testing standards and the preparation of rules, write a few lines of test steps to test the software with the transfer out for various different test procedure. In the test equipment control system, the specific testing process by the computer after the redeployment, sent to the PLC, the PLC automatically monitoring process; computer to accept PLC to send test data to display, storage and printing. PLC direct control of the monitoring process, with strong reliability. The system test process procedures, test results are automatically recorded data through computer processing, deposit all, and through the printer to print the test report.


2. Main performance parameters:

2.1 Main Motor: DC400V 22KW 0 ~ 1000rpm

2.2 Power: AC 380V three-phase four-wire system

2.3 Pressure load: 0 ~ 2000N pneumatic servo loading

2.4 Heating power: 2KW × 3

2.5 Cooling system: manual adjustment of damper flapper, controlling the cooling rate,

Motor 1.1KW, 2870rpm

2.6 Temperature measurement: 0 ~ 600 ℃, K thermocouple indexing

2.7 Friction drum size: Ф277mm (new)

2.8 Dimension: 1700 × 800 × 1700 (mm)

2.9 Weight: about 2000kg


3. Test machine structure and working principle

3.1 Test machine structure (see photo 1)

     XYC-A-type friction testing machine by a DC motor, the spindle system (including brake drums, collecting ring encoder), is the pressure load and friction test systems, control systems (including computers, printers, encoders, DC governor, PLC) and the heating and cooling system (heater and induced draft fan) composition.

3.2 test machine works

Installed in the main axis of the friction drum driven by a DC motor. Spindle speed control from the PLC to be governor, determined by the encoder and feedback to the PLC system, closed loop.

    Load P is the pressure given by the computer, complete the closed loop control by the PLC, through the amplification system controlled by a servo pneumatic proportional valve (FESTO, Germany Product) output pressure, the effect on the loaded cylinder pressure sensor and the load by pulling the head the specimens pressed the brake drum. Pressure load is determined by the drawing pressure sensor, and feedback to the servo amplifier closed loop, so that the pressure load is maintained at a given value.

      As the friction drum and the friction between the role of the specimen to specimen lead frame, through the leverage effect in tension and compression sensor, the measured friction force F size. Measured by two sensors P and F, the friction coefficient calculated by the computer, that is μ = F / P

    Friction drum temperature, the friction drum mounted on the back of the thermocouple measured by collecting ring amplifier output to the temperature, and the computer display.

Friction drum temperature, the specimen and the friction from the friction drum. Auxiliary heating by friction drum mounted on the back of the electrical heating of the heating temperature, heating rate by adjusting the heater voltage to adjust.

Friction drum cooling fan from the heat by friction drum cover the gap with the inhalation of cooling air, the friction drum to cool the hot air outside through the pipeline exclusion. Friction drum cooling rate, by adjusting the damper flapper position, that is, by adjusting the cooling air flow to achieve.

During the experiment, the computer real time displays the current test status and test data; same time, the test data records and test results are stored in a computer. Test results may be needed at any time to view or print.


4. Test machine installation and adjustment

4.1 Installation Tester

       The testing machine, control box placed in a suitable location, to install equipment to feet, and adjust their equipment. The equipment connected to the outside exhaust pipe.

       AC 380V power supply required to access the control cabinet. Under the guidance of the control cabinet and the host reliable connection between the cable. Check, after the power on; Check the main motor, blower and pneumatic systems.


5. Test machine calibration (for the first time should be under the guidance of professionals)

Start the computer: The computer into the state of adjustment.

5.1 Spindle speed (spindle speed amplifier) of the calibration

    Start the control cabinet power supply and the main motor; by computer spindle speed for a given value is sent to the PLC, test their accuracy. Errors, by controlling the rate of compensation for the value parameter to set and modify.

5.2 is the pressure load measurements (pressure load amps) for calibration

Start pump to pump the system pressure stable. Adjusted leverage ratio of 1:6 (150:900)

    Installed in the loading well pull the head ring, a good support in the upload box, adjust the pressure of a computer zero value to zero the display.

    The calibration bar placed on the bracket, adjust the level of support to enable calibration bar, adjust the pressure of the amplifier gain potentiometer so that the pressure load is shown about the value of about 190N.

    Calibration plates mounted in turn, 5kg, 10kg ... the weight, and adjust gain potentiometer to display a positive pressure on the load to increase in line with the theoretical added value: the final calibration value ≥ 1000N. If the implementation of the IS07881 standard, the final calibration value ≥ 2000N.

    (Theoretical value of N = weight × acceleration due to gravity × 6).

    (Theoretical value of weight, 5kg = 294N, 10kg = 588N)

    Calibration bar to load up the first uninstall and re-adjust the zero point, repeat the above steps to show the value of accurate to ± 3N.

5.3 Friction Measurement (friction amplifier) calibration (method with 5.2)

Calibration device to adjust the lever friction ratio of 1:3 (45:135)

    Inside the computer to adjust the value of zero friction, so that shows the value of zero friction. (Lever up), plus disk and then click add code Fa 5kg, 10kg ... the knock code, adjust the friction of the amplifier gain potentiometer to increase the value of friction show an increase with the theoretical values.

5.4 Temperature measurement (temperature amplifier) of the calibration

The temperature transmitter input terminal open, access millivolt generator. According to K thermocouple mV indexing table found: room temperature, 100,200,300,400,500 and 600 of the millivolt value. Above the temperature corresponding to the value adjustment mV generator, and enter the temperature measurement circuit. Repeatedly to adjust the temperature inside the computer zero value and gain value, and display temperature and the temperature corresponding to the same accuracy of ± 2 ℃.


6. Friction drum and the surface preparation

6.1 The effective friction drum around the 277.0-280.0 mm diameter, the outer circumference of the drum, there are three thermocouple installation holes, each hole diameter of 277.0mm and a new drum within the inner surface distance of 2.55 mm (print Location No. 1 ) 3.05 mm, (print position No. 2) and 3.55 mm (printing position 3). According to drum wear, replace the thermocouple is installed.

Replacement of the thermocouple installation location is as follows;

Drum diameter thermocouple installation location No.

277 ~ 2781

278 ~ 2792

279 ~ 2803

    Testing machine factory, thermocouple installed in the No. 1 position, when running for some time, due to wear, out wear, drum diameter will be larger, when measured internal diameter in the range, it should thermoelectric Even change into place.

    Replacement method: equipment factory has been a #, 2 #, 3 # location to install the thermocouple, respectively, and connection leads. Change when the thermocouple ring spindle, part stream signal line can be connected to the wiring.

6.2 The state of the friction drum surface preparation

    New or re-processing of surface friction drum test machine should be carried out on the drum after grinding, then polishing sandpaper or emery cloth to remove all the marks, then 320 sandpaper polishing purposes, the last with a clean cloth , or other similar material wiped off the surface of the sand and dust drum.

    With a standard sample in the load of 440N, speed 411rpm continuous running conditions, the temperature should not exceed 200F (93 ℃), has been to stabilize until the friction system.

    Before each test with emery cloth or sanding drum friction surface, and finally polished with 320 grit sand paper, then clean cloth, or other similar material drum surface sand and dust cloth.


7. sample preparation

7.1 Sample

      Test samples used in the friction material should be from the middle of the interception, sampling location to the material even from the same week, the sample is from the type, SAE J661 size 25.4 × 25.4 provides 毫米, (ISO 7881 provides size 25.7 × 25.6 mm) the specimen on the back of the plane, its radius should face the park and test arc radius of the drum line.

       Has been grinding for from the brake pads on the interception of the sample, the work surface should be rubbed off at least 0.3 mm, and not more than 0.5 mm; for grinding from without (directly removed from the mold) lining sampling, the surface should be rubbed off from work 1.0 to 1.2 mm for lining the surface of resin impregnated layer can be completely removed, measured from the center of the sample specimen (or specimens with gasket) in thickness, should 6 mm, the excess part of the face behind the face should be removed, if the sampling of the brake lining thickness is less than 5 mm in the back of grinding on the face should be to minimize the wear measurement, just learned how to plane is appropriate.

End processing of samples on the sample grinder. After processing the samples, not allowed to touch the face to prevent oil stains and other impurities.

7.2 Peripheral processing

First, 30 × 30mm with a hand specimen thickness of about 6m rough, its pressure in the fixture on the bench grinders; with the positioning pin to disc, using manual clamps, grinding one side of good; will turn 900 samples, then grinding the other side, so wear a good angle between the two sides is 900 (if not 900, then by adjusting the wheel position to solve), and then grinding the other two sides, and to size 25.4 × 25.4mm.

7.3 arc processing work

Face Park Arc radius, but also desktop grinder, first of all using the compass measure the radius of the friction drum, and then adjust the wheel position; to sample the finished rough edges, installed in the fixture, the hand rotating disk, Grinding Park arc radius (removal of pins). The thickness of the specimen, then by adjusting the clamp position to achieve.


8. test operation:

8.1 computer interface

First open the control cabinet main power, start the computer into XYC-A-type testing machine control interface, and then start the control cabinet power supply, pump, governor, main motor, the system is preheated for 5 minutes, according to the computer screen prompts in order to test operation of the window can.

    Test, the heater, cooler way to set to automatic mode, loading arm in down position.

Damper flapper characterize degrees should be kept in the "drum cooling rate adjustment" determined by the location.

XYC-A-type testing machine control interface is divided into three parts. The upper interface is the instrument display. From left to right are: drum speed, is the pressure load, friction, friction coefficient, temperature. Lower half shows the interface screen test equipment operation and test operation of the relevant parameters and prompts.

Interface part, shows the value of testing the sample voltage.

8.2 Test procedure

The test machine test procedures fully in accordance with the requirements of SAE J661 REV AUG87 preparation.

Running the sample: SAE J661 (4.3-4.5)

Test steps: SAE J661 (5.1-5.11)

Test procedure is divided into multiple program segments, each program segment execution is over, and have specific precautionary statements. The operator can prompt the contents of the next step.


9. Maintenance of Tester

9.1 brake drum and grinding

    When the test rig used for a period of time due to the sample on the brake drum friction, so brake drum deep within the surface of wear scar. Brake drum must be grinding. Concrete steps are as follows:

    Remove the wheel from the bench grinders agencies, will replace disc grinding disc grinding wheel.

    Remove the load from the test bed head. The wheel body with a cylindrical pin and screws installed in the test bed. Adjust the wheel and brake drum of the axial body parallelism. If wheel is not round the entire outer edge, needed the diamond dressing.

    Drive brake drum, speed 100rpm; start grinding wheel motor, wheel steering and brake drums turned to the contrary, adjust wheel position, make contact with the wheel and brake drum and then to wheel back just a little. Horizontal micro-feed grinding, and then the slow vertical feed grinding, grinding until complete return. Horizontal micro-feed grinding again, and then slowly feed grinding longitudinal, repeated several times until the friction surface to meet the requirement.

9.2 Pneumatic System

AC inlet part of the two joint pieces into the oil cup to 1 / 2, turbine oil, when injected through ≤ 10μ filters, replace or supplement once a year.

9.3 Transmission System

Some mechanical transmission system to regularly check the bolt, if loose, locking in time; bearing grease injection every three months regularly.

9.4 Tension Sensor

Tension sensor test each department should be a local measure.

9.5 slip ring

Annual inspections slip ring brushes, such as transition wear, replace the new.


10. Consumable Details

Number Name Spec Remark

An electric heating tube 2KW/220V 3

2 brake drum Ф277mm 1

Pull pressure sensor 3 and 1 200kg 300kg

Thermocouple K indexing 3 4


11. Photo

Tester chart

    Brake drum diagram

    Pneumatic Schematic

    Electrical schematics and wiring diagram

    Electric heating tube map


12. Annex

    Friction calibration device (installed on the host) a

Under pressure calibration device (rings, brackets, each one calibration bar) set

A weight plate
Thickness measurement device (including dial gauge 1) a set of

Weight 10kg (4) user-owned


13. Spare parts (optional)

   Electric heating tube

   Brake Drum



14. test operation

14.1, double-click the left mouse button on the computer desktop XYC-A test machine running test programs into the program starting with the first screen "Welcome CHASE test XYC-A type test machine," the screen with the mouse double-click any one is entered two images.

14.2, into the second screen "test standards" and "test mode choice", in this screen you can choose to prepare a "normal test" or "action learning experiment." "Normal test" then enter the actual "sample" test procedure, if the selection "operation learning test" into the simulated sample test program, the purpose is to enable operators to learn to use the machine running the process of data false data for the simulation. Click the OK button with the mouse is entering the third screen.

14.3, into the third "test data setting screen" prompt "Please enter test data." In this screen for the importation of materials and test samples of the time, test grade, test vendors and test drum number, enter the complete click "OK" button to enter the main program screen.

14.4, the main screen of the various controls as shown. The main screen at the bottom of each button is:

1). "Exit system": Click this button then exit the program, test terminated.

2). "Copyright Certification": Click this button shows the "copyright authentication screen."

3). "Data Switch": Click this button on the screen in the main part of the green display window, carry out the testing process between curve and data conversion. When the display test curve, if the other screen and then switch back to the main screen, test curve will be removed, need to double-click the displayed curve part of the curve after the test will be re-integrated display. When the display for the test data, then automatically display the latest bottom row of data, if the need to carefully look at a row of data, you can double-click this line, the data display window will not refresh

4). "Control parameters": Click this button to pop up the following window.

(1) Pressure control PID parameters. This parameter to control the pressure of the PID parameter settings

(2) Temperature PWM width setting. This parameter to control the heater of heating rate.

(3) Set the motor speed manual compensation. When the actual control of motor speed and we set the motor speed with the differences in the actual motor speed based on the combined value of this parameter, so the actual motor speed is equal to set value.

5). Began to experiment. Click this button to the trial started; the operator can follow the program prompts to complete each step of the test.

(1). Query records. Click this button to pop up the data query screen, in this screen you can check the previous test record, and can display and print. As shown. Double-click the left "Select folder" in "Chase Data" this folder are listed below this folder contains subfolders, which is the folder of each month, such as "2006-08." And then double-click the "2006-08" is on the right of this sub-folder, "select the log file" window are listed in the August 2006 record of all documents. Then click a log file "transferred out of the record" button becomes effective, and then click "call up the record" button on the "Preview" and "Print" button becomes effective.

The results also to the way a text file, stored in D: \ Chase_Data_Txt \, you can directly open and print.

14.7, Print the report. Click this button to pop up as below. If you want to print the previous test records must first click the Query button to bring up the previous record of records, such as shown in the previous step. "Comprehensive records print selection" is the end of the trial and asked the operator comprehensive record of the pilot input, print the second page of the test curve at the end of the first page to print the test data.

14.8, Test set. Click this button to pop up the following screen. This screen for the measurement data input screen, the button in the testing process to be invalid, when the need to enter survey data, the program will automatically prompt the operator and pop up the window and asked the operator to measure the input data.

14.9, Pressure control button (the main screen, mark: 12). Click this button to pop up the following window.

When you select automatic operation mode, you can manually enter the pressure setting. When you select can manually enter the pressure control valve opening.
14.10, Speed control button (the main screen, mark: 13). Click this button to pop up the following window. When you select automatic mode, the motor speed settings under program control. When you select the speed of the motor manually given value by the manual input (r / min).

14.11, Temperature-controlled cooling fan (the main screen labeled: 1), DC fans (the main screen annotation: 2), the main motor (main screen mark: 4), sample loading (main screen annotation: 3), unloading the specimen (Main screen mark: 5), heater (main screen annotation: 6) of the manual and automatic conversion. In the second part of the main screen process equipment diagram, when the mouse on these devices, the mouse into a hand shape, click the left mouse button to pop up as similar to the screen: When you select automatic, the motor start and stop by the process control; When you select Manual, the equipment, start, stop, controlled by the operator. When the device is running, its icon turns red.

14.12, Pressure, friction and temperature of zero adjustment. In the main column of the top screen displays speed, respectively, the pressure (the main screen annotation: 7), friction (the main screen mark: 8), friction coefficient and temperature (the main screen annotation: 9), the mouse pressure, friction and temperature data box, the mouse into a hand shape, click the left mouse button to pop up a similar dialog box as follows:

14.13, Shows the main screen to hide the control. The mouse on the main screen, mark 10 mouse into a hand shape, click the left mouse button will mark 11 of the main screen where a "test drum stop" button, then click the place "test drum Stop" button then hide. This button is preparing for the test drum marked in accordance with the requirements SAEJ661 pressure 440N, 411 Speed (r / min), the two conditions on the test drum for running, click this button to test drum running test started, the button face displays "test run drum "When you click this button to request a trial drum stopped running, the button face displays" test drums stop.”