XD-MSM Type Constant Speed Friction Tester




1. The testing machine is mainly used in the friction coefficient and wear rate of the friction material, such as asbestos, powder metallurgy and non-asbestos test.

 Execution standard: GB5763-2008 automotive brake linings; GB/T5764-2011 Automotive

Clutch facings; GB/T11834-2011 asbestos friction sheet for industrial machinery; QC/Y227.1-2009 motor test method for friction performance of brake pads for motorcycles and mopeds.


2. Working principle (process) description:

 The basic structure and main parameters of the model are specified in GB5763 - 2008.

 The AC motor is driven by a vertical shaft with a V belt, and a disc is arranged at the upper end of the shaft. The test piece is clamped on the loading arm, the lever is loaded downwards through the vertical axis, and the load is decided by weight.


3. The main technical parameters:

 Temperature: Temperature measurement and control range from 0 to 350 DEG C, the measurement accuracy of 1 degrees, the measurement error of 5 degrees C.

Friction: Measuring range 0 ~ 2000N, measurement accuracy of 1.0N, measurement error 10.0N.

Friction Disc Speed: 480~ 500r/min, measuring accuracy of 1 rpm, measurement error of 1 rpm.

Power: Host 7.5kW, heating pipe 4.5kw, fan 120W, total power: 12.12kw.

Friction Disc: material of gray cast iron HT-250, Brinell hardness 185~215HB, pearlite structure.

Sample: Area 25mm * 25MM, thickness 5~7mm, 2

Friction Radius: R=150mm

Positive Pressure: 0.49Mpa, 0.98Mpa

Loading Weight: 1.25kg1 pieces 2.5kg3 pieces

Dimensions: 1400 x 900 x 1200

Control Cabinet: 500 x 300 x 800

Weight: About 1,000 kg

Main control components: computer DELL mainstream configuration

Printer color ink jet printer (operating console buyer)

Sensing element force sensor - range 0 to 200Kg, level 0.05, nonlinear error 0.05%F.S

Thermocouple - 0 ~ 400 DEG C, E index.

Proximity Switch - E4-D5NK


4. Characteristics:

Computer control, automatic measurement of friction, revolution, automatic calculation of friction coefficient, wear rate;

Computer automatic control of test temperature;

Optional, English operation interface;

Automatically draw the curve and print the test result in English and Chinese.